Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

BSEtxt is an incredible online portal for content writing service, owned and operated by BSEtxt.com. It is solicited that the users should go through the entire terms and conditions completely ahead of using the site or availing the services rendered by our team. Only after being convinced of the preset terms and conditions, mentioned on this page, the user may sign up for an account. Therefore, patiently read through every word on this page, before availing the services.

Any violation of terms and conditions may end up in the termination or suspension of membership.


  • BSEtxt is an ideal online platform where the users can place orders for contents for websites, articles, blogs and any type of write-up. Orders can be for either original or re-written content.
  • To provide quality content, free of spelling, grammar and plagiarism mistakes, with complete flow.
  • The orders should not contain degrading, slanderous, libelous or obscene contents
  • Every order should in no way offend or violate the rights of a third party.
  • The orders can contain relevant keywords, instructions and word count.

Payment terms:

  • A 50 % deposit is requested from the clients, for any type of project, before commencement, to ensure project dates, as per the contract details.
  • Along with the delivery of first draft, an invoice is attached to the concluding 50% of the payment, which is payable in a week’s time.
  • Cash, check and bank transfer payment modes are acceptable
  • We also accept Credit Card and Paypal payments, along with a surcharge.

Approval or Rejection of orders:

If the customer is not satisfied with the service, we are ready to make unlimited improvements and revisions. Rejection is approved only if the completed work fails to meet the criteria of the order. However, the client is requested to mention the exact reason for rejection.

Rejection should be mentioned within 72 hours of delivery and the absence of any intimation is considered as approval from the client.

Copyright Protection

All the content available on this website is secured by copyright laws, including graphical work, photographs, images, icons, streaming files, software, videos and literary work. These features are the sole property of this site and are subject to copyright laws. Indeed, the offenders of the copyright laws will be duly charged and reported, as per the law.


All the service marks, logos, and trademarks found on this website are absolutely protected by the International service and trademark laws and they cannot be utilized by anyone without the permission of the proprietor.

Unauthorized Copying

By using this site, you are bound to agree that you will forbid illegitimate copying of content on this site. You also accept that you will not re-distribute, copy or download any type of content on this website. In the event of any violation in this regard, the offender will be required to destroy the information immediately that was illegally printed, copied or downloaded from the site.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The material and services existing on the website are provided as “AS AVAILABLE” without any warranty. With the use of this website, you are bound by the term that you will not get any oral or written information approved by the owners of the site. The internet is a huge world and data loss is a very common problem these days. It is our prime responsibility to keep the website free from different types of adware or malware.

Communicating with Writers

The clients do not have any legal right to have direct contact or indirect contact through other websites, with our content writers. Any type of violations of this principle means the violations of all the Terms and Conditions. Legal rights will be enforced.